Clumplus Multi Cat Litter 7kg
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Clumplus Multi Cat Litter 7kg
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
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  • Strong solidification and excellent deodorization 
  • Excellent dust restraint and safety
  • Environment-friendly particle composition with fresh scent 


Clumpus cat litter is the solidified sand that is very effective in absorption and odor removal. It helps your lovely cats to go to stool in a clean and neat way. Clumpus cat litter is one of the most favorite products of cat lovers in US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan


* Strong solidification and excellent deodorization Laboratory proven natural Benitonite elements generate strong lumping effect with excellent absorption and solidification power. High-functional absorptionparticles effectively absorp and decompose odor-causing elements such asammonia molecules, thereby creating strong and continuous deodorization effect.

* Excellent dust restraint and safety Clumpus cat litter is produced by a filtering process of find dust removal to significantly reduce the amount of dust generation. It is a non-toxic environment-friendly product and even safe to use for kittens and pregnant cats

* Environment-friendly particle composition with fresh scent Environtment-friendly particles diverse size with fresh scent restrain stool from leaking to the floor. Clumpus cat litter is an environment-friendly product that you can safely use, as the finish stool lump does not containminate water and soil when thrown away.


How to use clumpus cat litter :

1. Install the cat lavatory in a stable place where the cat freely enters and exits. Every pour the sand at the height of 7-10cm to the lavatory

2. After stool, remove the stool lump as quickly as possible by a shovel.

3. As the amount of sand decreases after each use, frequently add an appropriate aount.

4. If possible, replace the entire sand more than one month


How to treat stool :

1. When the fresh scent becomes stronger, it means the cat went to stool

2. You can skim off the stool lump by a shovel and scatter it to the forest or the place where trees are planted, or you can throw it away in a garbage back. It won't create environment pollution.

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